Sunday, January 29, 2012

"Firsts" in our lives

We all have a number of "firsts" in our lives. The picture is of Sierra's first time driving, sort of. The car was on a track which made dad a lot more comfortable.

"Firsts" are important, to both us and to those around us. First steps. first time on a bike, first time behind the wheel, first love, first heartbreak, ... and the list goes on and on.

Firsts are significant milestones and there are times that they help to influence different aspects of our lives for years to come.

In today's gospel lesson from Mark we hear Jesus performing his first miracle. Now when I think of the first miracle from Jesus, I think of something big, maybe even Moses-style big. But what Jesus does is not what I expect. Jesus' first miracle is an exorcism, the casting out of a demon from a possessed man in the synagogue.

Now this is significant, because as we read through Mark's gospel we see that at the heart of Jesus ministry is the removal of all things, all boundaries, that separate us from God, and turn our focus away from God. This first does set the tone for the rest of Jesus ministry.

So what are some significant firsts in your life and how have they impacted you?

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