Tuesday, February 7, 2012

52 Weeks of Joy - The Frog Tongue

Yesterday Scarlett and I had a Daddy/Daughter day. Jen was out shopping and Sierra was at school so the two of us took of for the day.

Our first stop was, surprise, surprise, Starbucks. Yup, with a day filled with Scarlett, I needed my coffee. So we had our drinks and snacks (she had apple juice), we then took off to the mall for a little play time.

And that is where the joy of the frog tongue comes into play. In this play area (as you can see above in an older picture) there is a frog tongue that spans a 10 foot area. It is a great toy to play on, and it burns energy like crazy.

So as I was watching Scarlett run and play I had one of those moments of pure joy. Seeing her laugh and smile, watching her jump and squeal with delight. It was one of those times when everything seems right in the world

Now I will admit, not all of life is like that, there are the struggles and times of darkness. And I guess that is why I treasure these moments of pure joy even more.

When was your last moment of pure joy?

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