Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pinkeye and the Home Office

So yesterday morning the pinkeye bug hit Scarlett. She woke up with her eye gooped shut and after a trip to convenient care we procured some eye drops and started the healing process. The thing with pinkeye is that once the medication is started she has to stay away from others for 24 hours.

That means that Dad is working from home today.

Because of the gift of technology, working from home is pretty easy. I have access to all of my computer files, I can still e-mail articles to the office and other staff, I can text info out as I need to. But there is one major temptation that comes with working at home - sometimes I just want to sit and play with my little girl.

Most of the time she plays by herself very well. She puts her animals to sleep, plays with her trains, and does puzzles. Occasionally she will snag my iPad from me and play games on it or go to nickjr on the computer for games.

But then there are the times she wants to snuggle and watch a show or dance or play hide and seek. It is hard to say no to that.

So today I will be working from home. I am sure that there will be distractions, but they are distractions that are very worthwhile. And if I have to put in a few hours after she goes to bed or go in to the office earlier tomorrow, it is worth it. For the amount of time I have to snuggle with this little one is limited and I am going to take full advantage of it.

What are some of the positive distractions you have in your life?

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