Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Biopsy results are in, and we know ....


Yup, nothing.

When I talked to the doctor today he said that after meeting with the pathologist they saw a little dead bone, but nothing else. What this means is, well, who knows.

The PET Scann still shows a number of active areas that seem to be cancer, and the docotor has no other explanation for what they might be. But this biopsy doesn't show any cancer.

As he said - as of now I cannot say you have cancer or that you do not have cancer.

So that means, you guessed it, more tests.

Tomorrow I will find out the details, but as of now it looks like I will be going to Madison for another bone biopsy (can someone say happy drugs :). This time they will go for an area that showed a little more activity, but is also a little harder to reach. This will probably happen next week, and then I get to wait, again, for the results.

The odds are that this is still my lung cancer that has gone to the bones, but my docs don't want to treat until they have actually cells that prove this theory. So I have to wait to start treatments as I do more tests.

Waiting = frustration.

Tomorrow I will post more as I learn more. I guess this is just another step on the journey of life.

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