Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Eye Distortion Continues

So today I had an appointment with my eye doctor in Madison. It was my two month check up to see if the distortion in left eye had gotten any better and what our next step will be. I went through many of the same tests as last time, without the ultrasound of the eye or the florscene test. I also met with a retina specialist, something I did not do last time, as well as my regular doctor.

First of all, the distortion in my eye has not changed at all, it is neither better nor worse. This is both good news and bad news.

Bad news - my eye distortion is not caused by central serous retinopathy. That would have been the easiest, and best case scenario and it would have taken care of itself eventually.

Bad news - The bump in the back of my eye that is causing this is probably metastasized cancer. With my history and the discolorization and shape of the bump, both the doctor and retina specialist think this is the case. I asked if I didn't have a history of cancer what they would think this is they said a Nevus, which is basically a mole in the back of the eye, but those are normally brown and this is yellow. So they are thinking cancer.

Good news - the spot has not changed in size at all in the last two months. This is good news because if it is cancer it is very slow growing.

Good news - If this is cancer then the new meds I may start taking soon should work on this spot as well. So after a while my sight should improve.

They also said that doing a biopsy of the eye is not the direction they want to go right now. If they do a biopsy then there is a very good chance that I will lose the sight in that eye. So a biopsy is a last option.

There is an option to get a shot in the eye to help get rid of the distortion, but I would have to get shots every two months to maintain the lack of distortion. Since the distortion right now isn't that bad and mainly just an annoyance, we are passing on that option for now as well.

So for now, all I can do is wait, again. I have another appointment in July to see if there is any change. Yup, more wait and see. What a pain.

On Friday I go in for another bone biopsy, this one of the sacrum. After I get the results then we will decide what the next steps are. If it comes back positive for cancer cells, then I will start taking my new med and radiation therapy, if not, then who knows what the next step is. I am sure it will involve more tests of some kind. I think they like sticking me with needles of all sizes.

Days like this are depressing. I was hoping for something definitive, maybe even something positive like something not life-threatening. But instead I got a "probably cancer but not positive" diagnosis.

And then this afternoon we had to tell the girls about Dakota. So, not a real happy day here.

At least I got a Java Chip Frappachino to wash the day down. I've gotta find the little joys somewhere.

Now it is time to give Scarlett a bath, another little joy for the day.

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