Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Improved Vision

So I got some good news today from the eye doctor.

First I had to go through a series of tests, including the wonderful ultrasound of the eye. But after all of the tests the doc came in and said that my eyesight has improved a little bit. From appointment 1 to 2 it got worse and from appointment 2 to 3 it got better. Not much better, but a little.

He also said that the spot on my eye has not grown. This is another good sign.

What it means is that the drug is probably working. If the drug was not working he would have expected my eyesight to continue to get worse and the spot to grow, but neither of those things have happened. So even though the spot has not shrunk, this is seen as a victory. I will see him again in 7 weeks for another follow up. We are both hoping that the drug will continue to do its work and by then the spot will be shrinking and my vision continuing to improve.

Oh, and I am getting the pictures from all of the tests sent to me. So if I can figure it out I will put up some wonderful shots of my eyeball :)

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