Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Vision Fun

In about an hour I will be heading up to see my eye doctor in Madison. This is the guy who caught all of this and got the ball rolling on my treatments. But he is also the one who said the word "cancer" again, so there are mixed feelings going to his office.

Actually, there are mixed feelings going into any doctor's office at this point, but that is for another day.

As far as I can tell, there has been no change with the original vision issues that I noticed back on January 1. I knew, in my head, that there wouldn't be, but I was hopeful something would have changed by now. Of course, I have been on the pill for less than a month, so I should know that it takes time. That darn patience thing again.

The fun stuff that I will get to talk to him about has to do with the side effects of the pill. They haven't changed all that much either, but I am starting to have some fun with them.

Normally twice a day, when I get up and when i go to bed, my eyes have a ripple effect. It is like throwing a rock into a clear lake and the ripples go out to the edges of my eye. Then, if I move my hand or anything else in front of my line of sight, I can see waves following the movement. Originally this was quite freaky, now I am starting to make a game of it.

Hey, why not try to have some fun with the side effects :)

So I will share that with him, probably do a bunch of tests on the eye again, maybe the ultrasound too, and then be told that nothing has changed and to come back in three months. At least that is my guess.

And I guess if nothing has gotten worse I should take that as a win. And it is, but I long for something normal when it comes to my health issues. As one doctor said, with all of my issues (cluster headaches, eye distortion, strange lung cancer, etc.) I could be a case study to med students that would fill a week of their studies.

It is nice to be an original, but there has to be a limit, right?

One thing about all of this, I continue to meet some amazing people when it comes to the medical field. The doctors, nurses, and everyone else are great - and when I stop mumbling about not wanting to be an original I can see the hand of god working through them. Yes, there are blessings, every step of the way. I just have to take my own advice and have my eyes opened to them.

So off I go, and if I can get some cool pictures of my eyes to share with you I will.\

Have a blessed day.

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