Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Currently I am in Kansas City at the National Worship Leaders Conference. It is a nice time for Jennifer and I to get some continuing Ed in, worship together in a setting that is very different than what we are used to, and get some inspiration for the next few months. Right now I think my Ministry Coordinator is getting nervous because of some of the tech sessions I have gone to so far. Whenever I go to Continuing Ed sessions, I try to detach a little from the congregation so that I can attempt to look at my ministry with fresh eyes. I strive to return to the church with a renewed vision of where the church is going and how I can continue to be a part of the mission that God has set before us. But there are also times when that detachment cannot happen. Like today. Just before one of our workshops I got a call from a lady in the congregation. She was in tears and asking me to come and see her as soon as I could. I told her where I was and the soonest I could be back. She understood and we set a time for me to see her as soon as I get back. And why did she want to see me? She just found out that she has cancer. She wants to talk to me because of the cancer journey I am going through and she needs someone who undstands to walk the journey with her. And I wish I could transport back to Beloit to be with her. But I can't. So I am keeping her in prayer, I am making sure that I will meet up with her as soon as I can, and I am praying for renewal for myself so that when I do get back and see her I can be fully present with her. And that is part of the renewal time of Continuing Ed, being able to be refreshed so that we can return and serve in a stronger way than when we left. As the week goes on I will share some of the things I learn with you, and reflections I may have, and I will ask for your prayers. Prayers for me, for healing and renewal, and prayers for my friend who called, that God's healing hand would be on her as well.

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