Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Meeting with the Oncologist

Okay - that one is over, at least for now. And we learned a few more things, so that is helpful too.

First, we learned the name of the cancer, it is adenocarcinoma. From what the doctor said, this is common type of lung cancer, but very uncommon in young non-smoking males. He thinks that I may have a genetic mutation which caused this, but is not sure. I am a real oddity for him on this.

Second, I will be having a MRI sometime in the near future, before surgery. They want to double check that it has not spread. At this point everything seems to be located in my right lung. There are a few nodes that have been affected, but they appear to be in the same lung, so that is good news as well. I will be doing the MRI in Rockford because they have an open MRI, which is much better for my claustrophobia.

Third, the hopeful plan is that I will have surgery to remove the cancer from my lung, then I will follow up with some chemo. The current plan is four doses, with 21 days between each dose. This seems to be preventative for the future.

Tomorrow we go to Madison to meet with the surgeon. I have heard great things about her, so that should go well.

Again I ask that you keep me in your prayers, and you are more than welcome to put me on any and all prayer chains that you have contact with. One of the interesting parts of meeting with the doctor today was that before we left he offered to pray with us. I have never had that before, and I really appreciated it.

More will come tomorrow.

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brochuresandmore said...

What a blessing to have a doctor pray with you! Please keep me updated. You are in my prayers.