Monday, March 22, 2010

Test Two Passed

So the delayed test two was completed this afternoon, and I passed with flying colors once again. This time it was a breathing test and I was between 85% and 121% on all of the tests, so they said that I am ready to go for surgery on the lung capacity part.

Tomorrow is the first meeting that I have with the oncologist. I have heard great things about him, so that is good, but I am still a bit nervous about having to go see a "cancer doctor." That will be taking place tomorrow morning. Then on Wednesday I head up to Madison to meet with the surgeon.

So far, everything is going as smoothly as possible. I hope and pray it continues that way.

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Joan said...

Hopefully you have met with Dr. Vogel by now and gotten more information to think through. He is an expert on this and truely keeps in good contact with the doctors in Madison. We always think that an illness must be preceeded by symptoms and not feeling good. Cancer seems to have it's own agenda about that. This is a big week for both of us as I will be having a PET scan done on Thursday and then seeing Dr. Vogel for results on Friday.

When you go to Madison be sure to use the valet parking. They have volunteers who park your car and have a very good system for bringing it back. They will not take tips. Be sure to get the parking ticket validated at one of the desks.

You and your family are in my prayers. Stay positive, as you told me so many times, and remember God is working all things out for you.

Best wishes, and take care.