Friday, March 19, 2010

Test Two Postponed

So I was all set to get up to the hospital and blow my lungs out for a breathing test today, and then got the call that the person who does the test went home sick, so that one is postponed until Monday afternoon - I guess that means I can get more work done n the office.

But here is what I am frustrated with right now - Yesterday I got a letter from the UW Madison Hospital with a bunch of info on my meeting with the doctor up there next week. There was also a form to fill out so that they could be prepared for the meeting. The frustrating part was when i was going down the list to mark everything that is wrong with me - and I marked "no" on them all.

Now I understand that I have this disease - the tube down my throat made that abundantly clear - and I am grateful that I do not have any of the symptoms of cancer as well, but I am frustrated because I am going to need surgery even though I don't feel sick. I know that the recovery time will be shorter with me being as healthy as I am, but if I felt something, anything, I could probably wrap my mind around this a little bit better.

So there is my rant for the day. Will update as more develops.


Donna said...

Hello Erik and family.
Keith and I were in total shock, when we read your email.
I put you on the prayer chain.
I will also put u in the weekly bulletin for prayers.
This waiting is awful. I agree, just get the surgery done and get it out of your body.
Our love and prayers to you.
Donna and Keith

Lu said...

We were shocked to read in the bulletin about
your diagnosis.
We will remember you and your family in our prayers each day for successful surgery and recovery.
We know about Hope and I think you do too.
Fond regards,
Lu and Bill Clemens

Carina said...

Hang in there. I understand how frustrated you must be because you don't look or feel sick. I have a health condition where I don't look or feel sick most of the time, but it is still there. I am reminded quite bitterly when I have a few days where my body does not want to cooperate with my mind because of my health issues. It is much better to stay focused on all the "healthy" things about your body and how they are going to help you recover. The people I see struggle the longest and have the most difficult recovery are always the ones who can easily see them self as a "sick person." Try and remember to stay focused on all the positive things in your life and remember you have lots of wonderful friends and family praying for your quick recovery!

Love and Prayers,

Nancy said...

I am so sorry that you have such a long wait until the surgery date is set. Please know that you are in my prayers, Also, Easter is in two weeks and Jesus will once again suffer and rise so we may live.Nancy