Thursday, May 23, 2013

Being Fed - Movie Time

One of the ways I am fed is by being able to let go of everything that is going on in life and enter into another world, and movies have always been able to do that for me.

I remember the summer after my Freshman year in college. My buddy, John, had moved in with us for the summer and even though we worked a lot of opposite shifts, we would often find time to sit down and watch a classic. I cannot count how many times we saw Casablanca that summer. I still look back on that time very fondly.

And now, when I have those insomnia-driven nights, I search Netflix for something to watch. It may be a classic, it may be something new. Whatever it is, I search for something that will take me away from my thoughts, my worries, my .... whatever may be going on inside.

Sometimes being fed is about being able to truly relax and be renewed, whatever that form may take.

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