Sunday, May 19, 2013


Acts 2

I love Pentecost.

I love the celebration. I love the meaning behind it all. I love what God does - gathering people from all walks of life into one community, one body.

Yes, I love Pentecost, and it scares me.

It scares me because it is one this day that we are reminded that we are not in charge, God is.

And with God in charge, freely blowing his Spirit wherever it wants to go, who knows what might happen.

Sins might really be forgiven.

Outsiders might really be welcomed in.

The unclean might really be made clean.

The dead might really be brought back to life.

These things won't only be on the pages we read or the stories we hear. They will really happen, and happen to us.

Pentecost is scary because it demonstrates that God is really about action - loving, forgiving, grace-filled action.

And he is working in us just as he worked in the lives of the disciples on that Pentecost day so many years ago.

So as you enter into this Pentecost day, may you feel the breath of the Spirit in your life, and may you be open to the way God is working in and through you.

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