Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Luke in 40 - Luke 19

Luke 19:1-27 

In our reading for today we hear the story of Zacchaeus and a parable about the use of talents.

The first part of the reading has to do with a man who is a pariah in the community. He is a tax collector, and they had a reputation as people who would take more than the government asked for so that they could be a little better off. So in many ways he was an outsider, and was one because of what he had done. But on this day, something changes.

He hears that this traveling prophet, Jesus, is coming through. He wants to see him, but cannot because of the crowd and the fact that he was "short it stature." So he climbed a tree, and while up there, Jesus noticed him and invited himself over to his house.

This raised a bit of an uproar, this religious leader go to the house of such a scoundrel. But again, we see what the mission of Jesus is about - go to the outcast and welcoming them with open arms. Just by Jesus action, to go to this man's house, he had a change of heart and change of life.

Has anything happened in your life that caused you to have a change of heart?

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