Friday, March 29, 2013

Remembering those who have gone before

Today I had a regular check-up with my oncologist. As I have mentioned before, this is a monthly thing where I go, he asks a few questions, checks out a couple of things, then I get a bone hardening shot and I am on my way. Normally it is about 15 minutes.

Today, Good Friday, the day I needed to get to the office to write - it did not take 15 minutes.

It took nearly 2 hours.

Thank you new computer system at the Clinic.

So I had a lot of time to sit and think while I was waiting. And as I sat in those waiting room chairs, I thought back to those many people who I have shared those chairs with. Old friends, parishioners, new friends I made there, the list goes on.

I have sat with a lot of people up there. Some are still there, many have moved on.

Some have entered remission or been cured.

Others, well, the cancer got them.

I thought of all of these people, ones who inspired me, who gave me hope, who lifted up my strength when I was struggling.

And I miss them.

Today is Good Friday. It is the day we gather at the cross with the followers of Christ and witness the death of our Lord.

It is not a happy day, but it is a powerful day. A day when we realize the extremes God will go to because of the love that he has for us.

It is also a day that does not have the last word. As Tony Campolo put so beautifully, "It's Friday ... but Sunday's comin'."

No, this Friday, this death, it does not have the last word.

Cancer does not have the last word.

Sin does not have the last word.

Pain and suffering do not have the last word.

Sunday, Easter Sunday ... now there is the word that is waiting to speak, to breath, to give life.

Life to all.

So yes, I miss my friends, I miss those who have gone before me.

But the ride isn't over.

Sunday is coming.

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