Saturday, March 2, 2013

Luke in 40 - Luke 9

Luke 9:1-36

All this time the disciples have been traveling with Jesus, listening to his teaching, witnessing as he healed others, and grow in their lives of faith. Today we hear that they are sent out on their own. They are sent out on their own version of an internship to continue to spread the news of Jesus throughout the known world.

When they return, they report to Jesus how it went. And then Jesus speaks, again, to a large crowd. The day is late, the crowd has nothing to eat, so Jesus performs a miracle. With 5 loafs or bread and 2 little fish Jesus feeds over 5000 who have gathered there.

The reading moves on with Jesus making a prediction about his own death and the disciples not understanding what he is talking about.

In what way has Jesus fed you?

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