Friday, April 5, 2013

Fast Five Friday

This is my train of thought post of the week - five things I am thinking about.

1 - I am on a beach. I am not a huge beach person. They are fine, but just sitting in the sun on the beach is not my favorite thing to do. But since Scarlett and Sierra are here, there is a lot of digging and jumping in waves and squeals of delight. Vacation is good.

2 - I don't lead worship this weekend. This is a strange one for me. When I have weekends like this it messes up my internal clock, but it is a good thing. We all need to get out of our routines and have a break every once in a while.

3 - A 17-hour car ride with two little girls and two adult women was a long car ride :) In all honesty. it went well and we had as good a time as we could.

4 - Our former intern is leading worship at OSLC this weekend. If you know Jeremy, swing by and say hi.

5 - Scarlett still likes to pretend she is a talking dog. Not quite sure where this came from, but I do have fun scratching behind her ears.

So what happened last week with you?

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