Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wednesday Humor - Look Down!

Every once awhile, in the middle of the night, I get a call to go upstairs. Normally one of the girls is having a bad dream or in need of a drink of water or just wants to alert me to the fact that they are going to the bathroom.

Last week I got one of those calls, and it was a little different.

So it's about 1 am and I am awakened by Scarlett yelling for me. So I lumber up the stairs, open her door, and as gently as I can, ask, What is it honey?

There is no response.

So I ask again, while wiping the sleep from my eyes. And then Scarlett says, Look down.

So I look down and at the edge of her bed, on the floor, is a foot waving in the sky.

She says again, Look down.

Then says, I fell out of bed.

She starts laughing hysterically. I fell out of bed, I fell out of bed.

So I pick her up, put her back in bed, and remind her to not fall out again. She says, I know, but it was funny.

What child stories do you have that make you laugh?

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