Saturday, April 27, 2013

PET Results

Yesterday I got the results of another quarterly scan and it came out clean. I was going to post on this earlier, but I got tied up with some work and plain, old forgot. Sorry about that.

As usual, I was nervous going into the oncologist's office, I don't know if that will ever change. The appointment started late, which didn't surprise me, but added to the anxiety.

In the past he would come in with the results on a piece of paper that he had, but not this time. Instead, with the new computer system, be didn't have the results yet either. So he logged on and eventually found them.

All this time my heart is beating faster and faster.

But when he got to the page, there it was - Scan was negative for cancer.

Another quarter of the drug working.

They have said that one day the drug will stop working, but I keep hoping and praying that is a long time from now.

Thanks for all the prayers.

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