Sunday, April 7, 2013

Reflection on Emmaus

This weekend we hear the story of Jesus on the Road to Emmaus. In Luke it is the first appearance of the of the risen Lord. Our reading starts at Luke 24:13. In it we hear of two people walking from Jerusalem to Emmaus, talking about everything that has taken place.

They are met on the road by a stranger, who we know is Jesus but he has not revealed himself to them. He talks to them, correcting some of their thinking, and spends time on the road with them. When they get to Emmaus they invite the stranger to eat with them, which he does, and it is the breaking of bread that their eyes are opened and they see that it is Jesus. Then he disappears.

How many times has Jesus met us on the road of life?

I can think of many different times when someone has appeared at just the right time, to give a helping hand, a listening ear, even a shoulder to cry on.

Was this Jesus working through others?

In what ways has Jesus come to you?

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