Monday, April 15, 2013

Mentors in the Faith - Kyle Pasewark

Kyle Pasewark

Back when I was in college and going through my searching stage I took a religion course with a visiting professor, Kyle Pasewark. In this class I fell in love with religion, theology, and even with God. Eventually Kyle became my adviser, and one of my degrees was in Religion.

I remember sitting in his office and discussing faith in very deep and theological way, and then he would bring it back to a daily application which made it even more meaningful to me.

One of the classes I took from him was a J-Term class where we study the theology of John Updike. This was the first time I really looked at faith in novels and inspired me even more.

Kyle was also one of my greatest cheerleaders in getting me to apply to seminary and be a pastor. I am not sure I would be here, doing this, if it were not for him.

I haven't seen or talked to Kyle in over 20 years, but he was a true mentor in my life of faith.

So thank you Kyle.

Was there anyone in your late teens and 20's who inspired your faith?

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