Friday, April 26, 2013

Fast Five Friday

1 - Yard work uses muscles I haven't used in quite awhile. I was quite sore earlier this week.

2 - There are some very good, very helpful doctors out there and I have been blessed by being able to be seen by a number of them. Thank you for all of your good work and wonderful personalities.

3 - We have been fighting with some raccoons who took up residence in our roof. I think we got them out yesterday with tennis balls soaked in ammonia. They are a pain to deal with.

4 - I am really looking forward to getting my year cleaned up. That brush pile has been there way too long.

5 - Our Synod Assembly is coming up next weekend, please keep us in your prayers.

Extra - I get my PET scan results later this morning. I will be posting abut that this afternoon.

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