Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Weekly humor - Bowling

Last Sunday we had a church bowling outing. I always love these time to get together with people outside of church and have some fun.

And I like beating my wife at bowling.

Which happened one out of two times.

The other time, well, she whooped me.

And Sierra tied me.

It was a bad second game for me.

But the greatest joy of the day was watching the two girls bowl. Sierra has come a long way. She is figuring out her approach, how to throw the ball, and even get a little spin on it. It is impressive.

And Scarlett, well, she is a creative bowler. We still use a ramp for her, as you can see her sitting on it in the picture above. And then she bowls with, well, style. When she puts to ball on the ramp she then decides what body part to use to push the ball down the ramp. Often it is her elbow or head, but my favorite was the "belly ball." She puts her belly up to the ball and pushes it down the ramp. It is wonderful to watch.

It reminds me that there are way too many times that we take life too seriously. We need to kick back and enjoy life more. Smile at the little things, celebrate the joys, and take in the wonder of those around us.

Who knows, if they let me use the ramp, maybe I would do a belly ball too :)

What made you smile over the last week?

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