Saturday, April 20, 2013

Joy of the Week - Conversations

This week I have been involved in a number of deep conversations. Some have been in group settings, trying to figure out the best way to move forward with things, others have been one on one, and in them I felt the moving of the Spirit in wonderful ways.

As I have talked about many times in person and on here, my theology is very relational. We were created to be in relationships, and in these relationships we are blessed to see the face of God in many and various ways.

This week I had an overwhelming sense on joy in two of the conversations that I had, with people I don't often get to sit down and talk with. As we were talking I felt the breath of the Spirit blowing across us and they were two of the better conversations I have had in long time.

And I was reminded, again, that often God talks to us through other people. And what a blessing it is that he does.

Did you have any conversations this week that moved you or brought you joy?

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