Sunday, April 21, 2013

Reflects on Philip and the Ethiopian

Acts 8:26-39

This week we travel with Philip as he heads out into the countryside to share the gospel message. In his travels he runs across an Ethiopian who had some power, as he was in charge of the queens treasury.

He was also an outsider. Because he was a eunuch he was not viewed as whole and was not allowed into the temple.

As he is traveling he is reading through the prophet Isaiah, but doesn't understand it. So in comes Philip, who offers to teach the Ethiopian, and after their conversation the Ethiopian wants to be baptized.

So they stop at a little mud puddle on the side of the road and he is welcomed into the body of Christ.

It is a beautiful story about the power of God's word and how it comes open us to changed lives.

And it is a story that reminds us to be open to meeting people on the road. There may be times in our lives when we are like the Ethiopian, not understanding, feeling like an outsider, and in need of someone to come to us, mentor us, guide us. And it is at these times that we need to be open to the people that Spirit sends our way.

And there are times when we need to have the courage to walk up to the person who is struggling and offer to give a hand to them.

When you read through this passage, what speaks to you?

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