Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tuesday Readings

I am on vacation this week, which is a great time for me to read. During this week I will be readings through some mystery and suspense books, stuff that is quick to read, gets me involved, and takes me away from the normally weekly reading I do at work.

But one of the books I started before vacation is the new one by Rob Bell. It is called "What We Talk About When We Talk About God."

Rob Bell was the founding pastor at Mars Hill in Michigan. He is a very dynamic speaker and writer and has a way of drawing his audience in and keeping us, even when he is discussing dome pretty deep stuff.

Not long ago he left Mars Hill and moved to California where he is doing his ministry in a new way. He continues to write and produce videos to share his faith.

This book, which I only just started, has to do with how we talk about God in our own lives and even how we view God. He also issues a challenge, of sorts, in how we understand God.

I am not sure what I think yet, I need to be more that 17 pages into it. But he is thought provoking. More on this book later.

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